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I Overview of Assessment

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 Transition assessment is an ongoing and coordinated process that begins in middle school onward, and assists students with disabilities to identify and plan for post-school goals and adult roles. (Sitlington, P. Neubert, D. Begun, W. , Lombard, R., Leconte, P.(2007)


The Division on Career Development and Transition (DCDT) of the Council for Exceptional Children defines transition assessment as an “…ongoing process of collecting data on the individual’s needs, preferences, and interests as they relate to the demands of current and future working, educational, living, and personal and social environments. Assessment data serve as the common thread in the transition process and form the basis for defining goals and services to be included in the Individualized Education Program (IEP)”  (Sitlington, Neubert, & LeConte, 1997; p. 70-71).


Federal law requires “appropriate measurable postsecondary goals based upon age appropriate transition assessments related to training, education, employment, and, where appropriate, independent living skills” (§300.320[b][1]).


This page contains background information on secondary transition assessment and related resources.


The National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center ( NSTTAC ) - Secondary Transition Toolkit

This comprehensive document developed by NSTTAC provides an excellent overview of the secondary transition assessment process.  National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center.pdf


The sections of this document include:


Section 1: What is transition assessment?

Section 2: Why conduct transition assessments?


Section 3: How do I select instruments?


Section 4: How do I conduct an age appropriate transition assessment?


Section 5: Sample Instruments


Section 6: Emerging Issues

Informative Links and Other Sources of Information


Suggested Timeline for Transition Assessment



Overview of  Secondary Transition Assessment PowerPoint

This comprehensive PowerPoint provides an overview of: (a) Fundamentals of Career Assessment; (b) Functional Assessments: Informal; (c) Functional Assessments: Formal; (d) Community Based Assessments; and (e) Job Analysis. PA_Community_on_Transition_Career_Assessment_PowerPoint.pdf


Related Resoures: Functional Assessment of Individuals with Cognitive Disabili.pdf


IU # 7 - Live Binder Assessment Examples 




Transition & Career Assessment: Looking at the Whole Student- 2009-2010 PA Transition Community of Practice Videoconference Series

Assessment for transitioning youth and young adults with disabilities is often viewed as only a formal evaluation or a singular test. This limited approach to assessment frequently leads to a skewed understanding of youths’ potential.  The following materials from this series provide information regarding effective holistic assessment practices that lead to a successful and fulfilling future at home, school, and in the community for youth. 


Session # 1 - A Holistic Approach to Secondary Transition Planning and Effective Assessment Implementation Strategies 1_Secondary_Transition_Making_the_Connections_to_Address_the_Whole_Student_Part_1.pdf


Session # 1 - Related Resoures: Principles_of_Career_Assessment.pdf ;


Session # 2 - Transition & Career Assessment: Looking at the Whole Student: Interpretation, Utilization and Synthesis

2. PA Transition Assessment Session Jan 20 2010_MJSEDT.pdf


Session # 2 - Related Resoures: PA Transition and Career Asmt Jan 2010 Activities.docx ; PSE Standards Aligned System with Tran and Career Assessment.doc


Session # 3 -  Working with Interagency Teams to Integrate Assessment Results for Transition Planning

3. Integrating Assessment Resutls - PA Community of Practice Assessment Series.pdf 


 Session # 3 - Related Resoures: PA Asmt Session Worksheet 032310.doc




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