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III Family Engagement

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Why Family Engagement is Important:

Family members and caregivers have a great deal of knowledge and insight regarding their sons and daughters.  They are usually the only one consistent person in the life of a youth or young adult.  Family members and caregivers will also still be there after a student graduates from high school and moves on to fullfilling their post-secondary goals.  As one parent put it "we are the transition coordinators for life".  Therefore it is important for family members and caregivers to have a good understanding of and be actively engaged in the secondary transition process.  This section will provide information for educators and agency staff to engage families in this process.  For family members and caregivers viewing this page there are a number of resources provided to assist you in this process.


Information for Educators: 

The following are resources for educators regarding the important topic of parent engagement. Included in this section are a PowerPoint presentation, and example parent communication logs, a parent information letter, the Pennsylvania Transition Health Care Checklist, the Pennsylvania Parent Involvement Brochure, and a parent transition handbook. All of these resources are provided as examples/templates to further engage family members.    


Parent Engagement PPT..pdf


Parent Contact Log.doc


Parental Comm Log-CSIU.doc








IU 29 Transition Parent Handbook.pdf


Information for Families and Caregivers: 

The following are resources for families and caregivers to assist them in being " the transition coordinator for life" for their sons and daughters. Included in this section are sample transition parent surveys; information regarding employment readiness, and a two part webinar series that inlcudes PowerPoint presentations and related resources.


Family Secondary Transition Surveys 




Parent Transition Survey - IU 16.doc


Parent_Transition_Survey_IU # 4.doc




Employment Readiness Surveys 


Is Your Teen Ready for a Job- IU 28.doc


Looking for work-tips for parents- IU 28.doc


 Family Secondary Transition Surveys Family and Caregiver Secondary Transition Informational Webinars

The Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN) is proud to partner with the Parent Education and Advocacy Leadership Center, (PEAL) Parent Education Network (PEN); the PaTTAN Parent Consultants; Hispanos Unidos para Ninos Excepcionales (HUNE); and The Mentor Parent Project, Inc. to present this two-part webinar series on Transition. The following contains the taped webinar broadcast and related resource materials. 


Session 1 - You Can't Move Forward Until You Move Backwards

 The Transition process focuses on preparing you and your son/daughter for life after school. It is never too early to start this process.  Join with other families to learn why transition involves everyone. Begin now to plan for a successful, fulfilling future at home, school and in the community.


 Webinar Link  - 



Resources  -








Session 2 - It's a Brave New World:  An Introduction to Secondary Transition

How do I make sure my son/daughter´┐Żs IEP, beginning at age 14, is a road map to a successful and fulfilling future at home, school, and in the community? Learn how transition goals drive all the sections of the IEP and determine what your child is doing in school.  We will review sample IEPs and resources during this session


 Webinar Link  -  



Resources  -





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