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IV Cross-Stakeholder Engagement

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Pennsylvania’s Cross-Stakeholder Transition Community of Practice

Pennsylvania’s transition community has had a rich history of dedication to assisting youth’s successful transition from school to adult life. The mission of our state's transition community is for all PA youth and young adults with disabilities to successfully transition to the role of productive, participating adult citizensbe empowered to recognize their talents, strengths and voice and to have equal access to resources that will promote full participation in the communities of their choice. 


To meet this mission our state has been engaged in meaningful cross- stakeholder products, projects, and activities at the state, regional, and local level for the past ten years.  This page provides resource information regarding our state's community of practice model, strategies for your engagement, a directory of resources, and information regarding cross-stakeholder assessment strategies.


PA Community of Practice History and Statewide Directory 




2. 2009-10 PA Statewide Transition Directory.pdf



Building and Strengthening Cross-Stakeholder Engagement


3. PA Community of Practice Informational Sharing Session - CoP 2-04.pdf  


Local Transition Coordinating Councils History - PPT.pdf


4. CoP - LTCC Product List.doc


5. CoP Planning Activity.pdf


6. PA Community of Practice - A Strategic Planning Guide.pdf


Cross System Assessment Strategies 

 An excellent source of information about the fundamentals of cross-stakeholder assessments created by Dr. Pam LeConte and delivered in Pennsylvania in 2003. The learner objectives include: *Articulate the definition, content, benefits & potential outcomes of assessing for transition planning *Identify assessment information that can be provided by members of the transition planning team *Describe triangulation and how to achieve it *Demonstrate through practice how to conduct assessment strategies for transition planning *Translate assessment information into meaningful transition planning goals and objectives.

Also included in this section are two examples of cross-system assessment tools from Berks County Transition Coordinating Council (BCTCC) Interagency Collaboration Committee and the Carbon Leigh Intermediate Unit








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