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VIII Assessment Mapping

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 Ensuring Assessment Throughout the Transition Process - Assessment Mapping


Transition Assessment Mapping is the process of collecting  information on currently utilized assessments and related activities by grade level in general and special education, review and organization of this information, and suggestions for supplementing recognized areas of need.  This process has been utilized by several district involved in Pennsylvania's Indicator 13 Chort Training Process.


Included on this page is an example of using the Ind. 13 training PowerPoint to map a district's assessment, activities, and agency involvement across grades and ability levels. Also contained on this page are mapping examples from two Pennsylvania School Districts and a copy of the alignment activities used during the January 2010 COP Assessment Videoconference.


Secondary Transition Mapping Guide Example


Secondary Transition Mapping Guide Example - 2.pdf  



Mapping Activiting Utilzing The Ind. 13 Presentation Framework


District Mapping.pdf



Laurel Highlands School District - Mapping Example


Laurel Highlands School District- Transition Assessments and Activities.doc



Hampton Township School District - Mapping Examples


Hampton SD Mapping Example 1.pdf


Hampton SD - Mapping Example 2.pdf


Hampton SD - Mapping Example 3.pdf


Eastern York School District - Mapping Example


Eastern York School District.Transition Map Examplet - 7th-12th for 2010-2011.pdf


Armstrong School District - Mapping Example


ASD - Transition Asessment Protocol 7-12.pdf


Assessment Alignment Activity Sheets


Assessment Alignment Activites from the Jan 2010 COP - Assessment Videoconference.pdf


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